Welcome to the World of LongTail Video

Thanks for downloading the JW FLV Player, just one of many products created by Jeroen "JW" Wijering and his company, LongTail Video. Before you get started, let us tell you about a few other products that might interest you:


The player is licensed under a Creative Commons License. It allows you to use, modify and redistribute the script, but only for noncommercial purposes. Examples of commercial use include:

If any of the above conditions apply to you, please apply for a commercial license now. If you are still unsure whether you need to purchase a license, please post your question in the forum.

Player Example

Below you see a simple embedded example of the JW Player. Copy and paste the source code and put the SWF, JS and FLV file on your site to get started.


The easiest way to get to know the player is by using our setup wizard. Select an example, set the file or playlist you want to play and copy-paste the embed code to your site. If you want to play Youtube content in the player, you also have to copy the yt.swf file along with the player.swf or player-viral.swf.

If you need any help, please visit our extensive support section, including FAQs, a string of tutorials and a very active support forum.

Wiki and Source Code

The Developer Wiki contains a wealth of info about the player, including:

  1. Supported file formats (and playlists).
  2. Supported flashvars (for customizing the player).
  3. Supported API calls (for actionscript / javascript interaction).
  4. Supported skinning elements (for creating your own graphics).
  5. Roadmap with full changelogs for each version.

The source code of all different versions of the player can be found here. You can click a version and download the ZIP files (the links are at the bottom).